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Council Members from left to right:


  • John Hill               | Council Member

  • Lynn Lewis          | Council Member

  • William Garner     | Council Member

  • Joshua Parks          | Council Member

  • Reilly Hopkins       | Council Member

  • Don Gephart          | Council Member

              Village of Blanchester Council Meetings

                                        2024 Schedule


      January 11

      January 25


      February 08

      February 22


      March 14

      March 28


       April 11

       April 25


        May 09

        May 23


        June 13


         July 11


        August 08


        September 12

        September 26


       October 10

       October 24


       November 14


      December 12

      December 30






Meetings will begin at 7:00 pm in the council room or stated otherwise.


Message from the Mayor,


As a Clinton County native, Blanchester has been a place I’ve called home. As a resident of the Village for nearly 60 years, I have many memories of an active business district with a variety of businesses from Grocery, Hardware and Jewelry stores, Drug stores, 5&10, Clothing stores and diners.

Blanchester was a town that had something for everyone. We had festival and parades with a myriad of attractions for all ages. Blanchester was known as “a small town with a big heart”. The people were neighborly to one another, helping when needed. They took pride in their homes and business, keeping them well-maintained, free from trash and clutter and even applied a fresh coat of paint from time to time.

Now some would say those were the good old days. Well, I believe Blanchester can be as good as it once was if not better. I became a Council member, and now your Mayor, because I want to see our town flourish. I believed Blanchester should be a place where no one is treated any better than anyone else. Everyone should be treated fair regardless of who they are or who they know.

I wanted to see our property owners take pride in their homes and businesses once again. Blanchester has the potential for growth. We can be more than a village; we can be a place where people can come to live and work together. Blanchester can be a community where residents can feel safe; a place to own a home, raise a family, a community with a good school system focused on education first, with a strong police force and low crime and drug presence.

I believe in our community and our residents. We need to work together and build a better community where we can see growth, not decline. I believe in what Blanchester can be and that’s why I’ve lived here all these years. You’ve heard it said, “No man is an island” or, “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’”.


I need your help; Council and I can’t do it alone and neither can you. I want to challenge you to be a part of the TEAM, where Together Everyone Achieves More.


May God bless our community.




John M. Carman

Mayor, Blanchester OH

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