The Blanchester Police Department is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, by our full-time and  part-time officers who answer a little over 2,000 calls for service each year. We have a contract with the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office to provide dispatch services to us. The dispatch desk can be contacted at (937)783-2431 or (937)382-1611. The police station phone number is (937)783-4702. However, if you phone the police station, it may take up to 8 hours to receive a return call as our limited budget does not allow for an office staff.  ​We try to operate as efficiently as possible by stretching your tax dollars. This means that we prioritize our work:  reported crime receives first priority, and therefore, if you’re calling about something that is not a crime you may have a wait before you hear from an officer. While this may be inconvenient when you lock your keys in your car (a low priority response), you will find it a very beneficial approach if there is a prowler in your backyard (a high priority response).



We have one officer certified by the National Rifle Association as an instructer in the "Refuse to be a Victim" crime prevention program. He is available to give presentations to groups, large or small, at any time. Just call the police station for details. We also have an abundance of handout material on the fundamentals of crime prevention that can be obtained from any of our police officers. The department also has a tip line: (937)783-4702, ext. 19. This number can be reached any time, day or night.

The Blanchester Police Department accepts employment application ongoing, attached is a printable copy of their employment application. 



The police department uses funds obtained from the sale of forfeited contraband to fund the Police Sports Partnership program, which is an outreach program for the youth. As part of this program, the department sponsers yough athletic teams with police officers assisting with coaching. We also hold a monthly "Skate Night" at the Dewey Brothers Memorial Park in downtown Blanchester during warm weather. this is simply a night where we clear a paved parking lot and set up ramps for a "safe skate" experience for the skateboarders in town.